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Katie Collins

Albany New York native Katie Collins journey of yoga began when she volunteered at one of the very first yoga festivals ever created in Vermont.  It was here that she was called to witness the impact of cultivating connections with like-minded people, learning about body awareness, intuition and living yoga, not just performing. Katie’s RN degree and focus on "safer" yoga has allowed her to work privately with many bodies, injuries, division one and professional athletes. She now works in Integrative Medicine marrying these two passions.Katie also has a deep connection to water and teaches her SUP liquid yoga across the country and has her own home floating studio in Saratoga Springs.  
Over the last few years Katie has been traveling extensively- first to India with one of her beloved teachers realizing many things but most of all how yoga can truly change and, ultimately save your life. Just a few short months after India Katie found herself in an ICU after being diagnosed with a serious injury that almost took her life. Katie now credits the path of yoga for saving her, teaching her intuition and body awareness. For the past two years Katie has studied many different forms of meditation to help heal her own body and post traumatic stresses that come with facing mortality.
Today Katie remains humble of this gift and is learning how to share with others to help them on their own path as well.
Katie is ecstatic to be joining the Ahimsa family for third year. Join her in class to learn more about your own body, its gifts and potential!