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Vincent Boyce is an innovative and creative guitarist who creates expansive, lush, and socially rich ambient compositions to support/enhance meditation and yoga sessions. He produces his music under the name blqlab [‘blak-lab’].
A New Jersey native, Vincent spent his early adult years in Santa Cruz, CA., studying Art/Design and surfing, while developing a deep connection between yoga, meditation, nature and music.
Upon relocating home to New Jersey, he’s forged these interests into a terrifically rewarding form of self-expression, playing ambient guitar in support of yoga/meditation sessions. Over the last several years he has slowly shared this passion with a broader audience to great reception. His network has since grown, and he is currently very active in collaborating with many talented, passionate, and visionary members of the yoga/meditation community.
Much of Vincent’s work is inspired by “spacious minimalism”, where the tonal qualities of notes played offer the listener an affordance of relaxation and exploration, reflection and focus. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, and NYU, music, composition and sound design were integral components of his Undergraduate and Master degree curriculum.
He constantly challenges himself to play live ambient compositions that are simultaneously very apparent as well as nearly invisible, resonating to those that “tune-in”, and unnoticeable to those that do not. He characterizes this as a magical journey, creating something that is both "there" and "not there" at the same time. He thrives in live studio settings, where his playing is informed/transformed by the energy and activity present in the room.
Learn more about Vincent and check out samples of his work by visiting his website, www.blqlab.com, or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blqlab/